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Law and Political Sciences



New Concise Dictionary of Law for Beginners [Library Binding]


Date of Publication: July 19, 1979. Pages: 975. ISBN-10: 0939877449 ISBN-13: 978-0939877447














How To Protect Yourself From Your Ex-Wife's Lawsuits[Hardcover]


Date of Publication: January 19, 1984. Pages: 1600. ISBN-10: 0939877457  ISBN-13: 978-0939877454

A very unique work. Based on court hearings, notorious lawsuits, cross examinations, police reports, allegations of wives, testimonies and especially an extensive list of findings on how ex-wives use unorthodox and unexpected means and ways to spy on their ex-husbands and collect valuable information to be used in court of law, or for blackmailing purposes, including stealing their trash, and letters from unattended mailboxes, etc... It is a set of 2 huge volumes, originally written in French. The newest edition includes explosive celebrities testimonies, court hearings at Superior Courts and police reports. A must read book.





La Pensee Arabe Face Au Continent Europeen (English and French Edition) 


[Hardcover]. 881 Pages. Date of Publication: March 21, 1980. ISBN-10: 0939877368  ISBN-13: 978-0939877362


Paperback, hardcover:







Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology


New Approach to the Metaphysical Concept of Human Salvation in the Anthropological Psychology of Indian Religions [Hardcover] (1240 Pages) Publication date: 1981




Hardcover: 1240 Pages.1st edition (September 18, 1981). ISBN-10: 0939877384  ISBN-13: 978-0939877386 

A CLASSIC SINCE 1981. A new edition en route.
















Essay On Psychocosmology Of Man, Universe And Metalogics (Sold out) June 12, 1980.



Essay on Psychocosmology of Man, Universe and Metalogics. ISBN: 978-0-939877-39-3. Date of Publication: 1979-80. Number of Pages : 750.











The Art and Science of Understanding and Discovering Friends and Enemies [Hardcover]


Date of Publication: 1990. Pages: 795. ISBN-10: 0939893193 ISBN-13: 978-0939893195












The International Book of World Etiquette, Protocol and Refined Manners [Hardcover]


Date of Publication: 1989. Pages: 528. ISBN-10: 0939893274  ISBN-13: 978-0939893270

















French and Latin



Lafayette's English-French Lexicon How to Learn Seven Thousand French Words in Less Than Thirty Minutes [Hardcover]


Date of Publication: June 7, 1990. 400 Pages.   ISBN-10: 0939877279   ISBN-13: 978-0939877270











How to Use Easy Fancy French & Latin to Your Advantage to Impress Others: International Blue Book of Refined Expressions [Hardcover]


Date of Publication: July 6, 1985. Pages: 521, Third Edition.  ISBN-10: 0939893045   ISBN-13: 978-0939893041
















Out of Print: International Encyclopedia of Comparative Slang and Folkloric Expressions and Idioms. ISBN: 978-0-939877-41-6