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   Hospitality And Food Best And Worst: How To Succeed In The Food And Hotel Business



HOSPITALITY, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, FOOD: How To Become A Perfect General Manager (Paperback)

How to Become a Perfect General Manager.Hospitality,hotels,restaurants,foodPaperback (Third Edition):

Kindle Edition: Soon

Written by a pro! Maximillien de Lafayette is the President of the American Hospitality Institute Incorporated. He created, owned and managed several restaurants and food/catering businesses in the USA and abroad. This book is the result of his 20 years of experience in hospitality.

 The third Edition includes: Instructions and techniques on how to become a Hospitality first rate manager in hotels, restaurants, casinos and food service. Quality Inspection and Hospitality Leadership. The GM quality. Hospitality Quality Standards. The In-House Talent Search. The Step By Step Guide To Excellent Guest Service. Rules of thumb. Restaurant Floor Manager Responsibilities and Duties. Wait Staff. The Fear Syndrome: What employees fear most? List of guests’ complaints. The World’s Best in Food, Guest Service, and Hospitality. Best culinary schools and institutes in the United States. America’s outstanding chefs. The 50 best restaurants in the world. The very best restaurants in America. The 50 best restaurants in America. World's Best Food Shops. The World's Best Hotels, Resorts and Spas. The World's Best Wine.






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